There were three distinguishable aspects of Walter's sculpture that I took with me
after visiting The New York Earth Room. The placement, contrast, and location
of the piece inspired the series of three posters. 
The placement of the 280,000 pounds of dirt is recognizable due to the fact
that it is installed on the second floor. Clouds are chosen as the landscape
to complement the strange and unexpected fact that the soil is not planted on the ground.

The contrast in color and sound inspired the second poster. The minimalism
of the artwork emphasizes the strong color contrast between the dark, almost black dirt
against the bright, white walls. The peacefulness and stillness that is sensed while
viewing the sculpture contradicts the busyness and loudness of New York City.

The third poster explores the concept that soil almost becomes a rare commodity
in the concrete jungle. The 280,000 pounds of dirt installed in an apartment building
feels out of place in the densely built city. 

All three photographically driven posters convey the experience felt
when viewing The New York Earth Room. 

The New York
Earth Room Poster Series